Beauty Shear Sharpening

Here at 512 Sharpen, we understand that your beauty shears aren't just a pair of scissors. They are precision tools of the trade that you rely on to complete your work. We DON'T just run your Beauty Shears through a machine and call them sharp. Each Beauty Shear we sharpen is fully inspected, disassembled, cleaned, sharpened and tested.                                Book an in salon sharpening appointment today!
During the initial inspection and test cut with your beauty shears we are evaluating the Tension, the Edges and the Alignment of the 2 blades. We inspect for any nicks along the edge of your scissors. We inspect the Inside Ride Line for any uneven wear. We inspect the alignment of the 2 shear blades to make certain they are crossing one another evenly and accurately. 
Once we've diagnosed the issues with your beauty shears we begin by disassembling and cleaning your shears. Once clean, we flatten and polish the inside ride line of your shears before restoring the true convex edge of your shears on our Hira-To Flat Hone Sharpening Machine. The Hira-to is specifically designed to Professionally sharpen Beauty Shears. Once the inside ride line and edges are aligned your shears are polished to a high luster. Your shears will be reassembled, tension set and tested to ensure your Beauty Shears are cutting as well as they can! It takes us about 20 minutes to properly sharpen a shear. 
Convex Beauty Shears are $30 each for Sharpening. We sharpen all brands, and pricing includes minor repairs such as bumper replacement or thinning shear repair.