Industrial Scissor Sharpening

All sorts of industries use scissors and shears. Fabric stores, Upholstery Shops, Poultry Processors, and countless other businesses need sharp, dependable scissors that can get the job done. If you are having to squeeze or put side pressure on your scissors to get them to cut, it's likely time to get them sharpened. We can sharpen pinking shears, medical scissors, and all other types of scissors. For businesses, we can provide mobile sharpening or pick up / drop off service. Scissors and shears can also be dropped off at our shop or other drop off locations for service.
Our scissor sharpening service ranges from $5 to $8. You can Drop Off your scissors with us, or you can Contact Us to set up an appointment for mobile sharpening.

Mail In your Shears here.

Industrial & Fabric Scissor Sharpening in Bastrop TX