Chainsaw Chain Sharpening

Our Professional Chainsaw Chain sharpening service accurately grinds a new sharp edge on each tooth of the Chainsaw Chain. Our special chain sharpener also grinds each tooth to the same length. If your chain is rusty or has seized links, it can usually be restored for a nominal cleaning fee. The depth is also checked on each chainsaw chain we sharpen and adjusted if necessary. 
We can also do minor Chainsaw repairs and basic tune ups. Along with installing a newly sharpened chain, bar cleaning and inspection, air/fuel system cleaning/repair, spark plug cleaning/replacement and more.
Chains are sharpened for $8-$11 off the saw. If still on the saw, chain removal and installation is $7.
You can drop off your chainsaw chains or contact us with any questions about chainsaw sharpening.
Chainsaw Chain sharpening Bastrop